Riverbend Utilities, Inc.

Serving safe drinking water since 1995

New Residential Service

Requirements for new residential service:

  • Completed Application for Service
  • Warranty Deed (if purchasing home)
  • Lease Agreement (if renting home)
  • Management Agreement (if you are real estate agent)
  • Valid Picture ID 
  • Deposit of $52.50 (payable by cash, check, money order or credit card)

The person applying for new service must be listed on the Warranty Deed or Lease Agreement.  

The items above may be submitted to our office during business hours.  New service applications that are received by 3:30 PM typically have the water service turned on that same day.  After that time it may be possible to have the service turned on that same day.  If not, it will be the following business day. 


Current Service Rates

Riverbend Utilities, Inc. is a meter based company.  Therefore, you pay water & sewer charges on the amount of water that passes through our meter onto your property.  Our current rates are listed below:

                                                          Water                                            Sewer *

First 4,000 gallons                        $12.00                                        $14.00

Next 2,000 gallons                        $ 2.50 per thousand                 $ 2.50 per thousand

All over 6,000 gallons                  $ 3.00 per thousand                 $ 3.50 per thousand

Minimum Bill                                $12.00                                        $14.00 

Separate water taps are available for irrigation systems to avoid sewer charges.

* In the near future, the Harrison County Utility Authority will begin treating our wastewater (sewer).  This will cause an increase in sewer charges by $2.97 per thousand gallons.  For more information on this new charge, please click here.